How to Download Game for Peace on PC & Mac OS

Since we already know that PUBG was banned on China but Tencent then released identical game known as Game for peace. Game for Peace is exclusively available for China but luckily you can get your hands on it as well. This game is not available via Play Store but another Chinese store that we will talk later about. Game for Peace is a mobile battle Royale game for China. Now you can learn a way to download Game for Peace on PC & Mac OS X as well.

You can download Game for Peace on PC including Windows 10, Windows 7, Window 8 & Mac as well. Since this game is not available on PC but you can still do that with the help of an Android emulator for PC. That way you will be able to play Game for Peace on your PC without any issue.

This game is almost like PUBG Mobile with some different things. For example, you won’t see blood in the game. This game also tributes to Chinese air forces and much more. When you eliminate an enemy. He will wave at you for a goodbye.

Game for Peace on BlueStacks

I know that’s awkward but what’s amazing about this is like PUBG PC, you can also use double scope in it. Other than that, the graphics are more crisp and better than the PUBG Mobile. So overall, if you can understand Chinese or just get used to it, then this game can be the best Battle Royale game so far on Smartphones. Luckily, you can now play this game on bigger screens.

For that, you need to get your hands-on Android emulator. When it comes to Android emulator. BlueStacks 3 is the best one you can use to play any game so far. So, in order to download and install Game for Peace on PC Windows 10 & Mac OS X, then carefully follow the instructions given below.

How to Download Game for Peace for PC & Mac

To download this game on PC or Mac, you need to get your hands on BlueStacks and BlueStacks 3. This is currently the best Android emulator to play any game and app on PC or Mac with ease. You can download BlueStacks for Mac and BlueStacks 3 or BlueStacks N for Windows PC. The link with detail guide is given below.


This game doesn’t required usual installation method but it’s still not hard to understand either. Read the above guide to successfully install and run this game on BlueStacks App Player.

1- Run BlueStacks

First thing first, you need to open BlueStacks on your PC. To install it, you can open the link that we mentioned above.

2- Open any Browser

Now on your BlueStacks App Player. Open any browser. We recommend Google Chrome.

3- Install TapTap Store

Since Game for Peace is available in TapTap store only. You need to install it’s app on your Emulator. For that, just use this link and from here. Download and install TapTap app on your BlueStacks.

4- Search for Game for Peace in TapTap app

Now you need to search for this game on TapTap app store that you installed in previous step. From there just install the game. This game will take time to install. Meanwhile head over to the next step.

5- Create QQ or WeChat account

This game needs account information via QQ or WeChat. You can’t play as guest like on PUBG Mobile. So now just create any of the these two account to play the game.

6- Login via QQ/WeChat to get started

Once the game is installed on BlueStacks, open it and it will ask you to login via QQ Account or WeChat. QQ might not work for everyone. So we recommend you to use WeChat instead.

7- Enjoy this Game

Now just play your game. The language is still Chinese. You can’t do anything about it. But if you have every play PUBG Mobile, then you will get the hang of it since the button placement is identical as well.

That’s all

This is all you need to do in order to install Game for Peace on PC & Mac OS X. This game is fun and with lot’s of features that I wish PUBG Mobile could have in future updates. What are your thoughts about Game for Peace? Share your views with us on the comment section below.