How to download Firefox Lockbox on PC & Mac

In this article, we are going to talk about one of the amazing app released by Firefox for Android devices. If the Mozilla Firefox is your main browser, then there is good news for you. They released an app for those who can’t really remember their password. No, it’s not the traditional password manager app. They call it Firefox Lockbox. This app is free and available for everyone via the Google Play store, but now you can also download and install this app on bigger screens. Yes, you can download Firefox Lockbox for PC & Mac as well.

To download and use Firefox Lockbox for PC, you need to get your hands-on Android emulator and the rest of the guide is easy to understand. The good thing is that you can download this app on not just Windows 10, but on the previous version of Windows as well.

Firefox Lockbox – Take your passwords everywhere!

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of the app as well. Firefox Lockbox lets you access every password that you saved on your Firefox Browser. The idea behind this app is pretty simple to understand. If you are using Firefox or any other browser, it’s really convenient to log-in in it with your primary email address. That way, you won’t lose any saved password or bookmarks.

This works the same way, just sign-in with the same Email address that you used on the Firefox Browser. It will sync those passwords to you on this app.


You will get the benefit out of it if the main browser you use is Firefox. Let’s say you need to log-in to your Facebook account anywhere other than Firefox Browser and you have long forgotten it. This app will allow you to see your password on the go.


There aren’t really cons about this app since it’s the main focus is to provide you, your saved passwords from Firefox browser to this Android app. But I asked people to review this app. They suggested that there should be an option to store passwords on the app itself.

I think it would be great that you can store passwords manually in the app that can then automatically sync to the browser later.

Need of Firefox Lockbox on PC

If you use a computer or laptop more then your Android phone, then it will be convenient to have this app with you as well. This app is not officially available for PC but you can still download it with the help of an Android emulator. When it comes to Android emulator, BlueStacks is one of the best emulators you can have on your PC/Laptop right now.


The only thing you are going to need is an Android emulator. If you need our recommendation, then go for the BlueStacks app player. Click the link below to learn more about BlueStacks.

How to Install Firefox Lockbox on PC & Mac

In order to download and Install Firefox Lockbox for PC & Mac, then follow the guide given below:

  • Open BlueStacks on your PC

You can read the installation guide from the link above. If you have successfully downloaded and installed the BlueStacsk 4, then open it on your PC/Laptop.

  • Open Play Store

Open Play Store and from there, search “Firefox Lockbox” and hit enter. You will see Firefox Lockbox on Search results. Open it.

  • Install Firefox Lockbox

Now it’s time to install Firefox Lockbox on your PC. Just click the “Install” button and it will automatically start installing Firefox Lockbox on your BlueStacks.

Firefox Lockbox for PC & Mac

This is all you need to do in order to download Firefox Lockbox on PC & Mac with the help of BlueStacks App Player.

Alternative Method to Install Firefox Lockbox on PC

Can’t fire Firefox Lockbox on Play Store? Don’t worry, you can sideload it on your Bluestacks. We recommend you to download the APK file of this app only from trusted website.

Once you have downloaded Firefox Lockbox APK. In order to install it read the guide ahead.

Open BlueStacks, on its main menu, you will a 3 Dotted icon at the top left side of this emulator. Just hover your mouse over it and it will open more options. From there you can click on the “Install APK” option.

Sideload Firefox Lockbox

Now just find the downloaded APK file and select it from there. It will take hardly a minute to Sideload Firefox Lockbox on your BlueStacks.

Getting Started with Firefox Lockbox on PC

Read the guide ahead in order to get started with Firefox Lockbox on PC/Laptop.

  • Open Firefox Lockbox from BlueStacks.

Now just click the “Get Started” Button. By clicking it, it will pop-up an option that will ask you to secure your device. Click the “Skip” option and go ahead.

Firefox Lockbox for PC

  • Enter your Email & Password

Now it will ask you to enter your email. You need to write the email that you have been using on your Firefox Browser. After that, hit the “Continue” button. After that, you need to write the exact password that you used to sign-in on your Firefox browser.

Firefox Lockbox for PC

  • Confirm Your Sign-in

Just to make sure that you are the one using your email, they will send you a confirmation link to your Email account. Open that main and click the link given in that Email and you are good to go.

Firefox Lockbox for PC

That’s it

Now you will all the list of the websites along with the email and its password. This is all you need to know in order to download, Install and use Firefox Lockbox for PC & Mac.

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