Download SLOWLY for PC – Windows 10 & Mac

In this era of electronic media, where life is running like a leopard, no one has time to stand and think about the art of the golden era of the past. The art of letter writing seems almost outdated. But it was the best means of communication then. Letters were considered as the person himself has traveled to the doorstep. It was an emotional, sincere or empathetic type of communication. If you want to feel the essence of letter writing, then here it is in the form of an application.

SLOWLY has brought the concept of writing letters or making pen friends. The concept is unique and vivid. So let’s freshen up the traditional art of letter writing. The app is only for the use of androids but no worries at all if you want to install on your computer Screens. You have to install any Android emulator like BlueStacks 4. After that download SLOWLY from any source like Google Apps Store and enjoy the ancient times innovated in the modern trend. Following is given a complete procedure to Download SLOWLY for PC and Mac.

How to write and send letters?

The game is based on very interesting grounds. You have to choose a category of your choice, to decide whom you want to read your words. There are many avatars given in the app, like Nature, Language, Adventure etc. So that’s the most amazing thing about this app. Only the person of a common interest is capable of reading your writings. It has also maintained the tradition of stamp placing.

Slowly for PC

After writing the letter, you can place stamp over it. Another thing must be noted that why the name SLOWLY is given to the app. The answer will definitely amaze you. SLOWLY defines that as letter sending and receiving procedure took time in the past, here it is too. The time of sending a letter will depend on the distance. That’s a really interesting factor. So you have to wait for the reply until the person receives and writes a letter in reply. So try it out as its a lot of fun. If you want to covey your messages to someone having a common interest, then download SLOWLY for PC and Mac, now.


Features of SLOWLY are interesting ones. You can only send letters to the person who can understand your language and the genre of your interest. Selecting an avatar is really an amazing feature. You can collect the stamps and even unlock the hidden ones. The time duration of the mail totally depends on the distance between both. So speak your emotions or hidden messages through this amazing application. Avatars and languages are updated for convenience. Stamp store is also there to take stamps. So immediately install this highly interactive app.

SLOWLY is free to download but contains Ads and offers in-app purchases as well. If you are eager enough to use this opportunity of sending letters for free then follow the given guide to download SLOWLY for PC and Mac.

How to Download SLOWLY for PC & Mac

To download this app on PC or Mac, you need to get your hands on BlueStacks and BlueStacks 3. This is currently the best Android emulator to play any game and app on PC or Mac with ease. You can download BlueStacks for Mac and BlueStacks 4, 3 or BlueStacks N for Windows PC. The link with detail guide is given below.

SLOWLY for PC – Guide

To download this app on PC, follow the guide given ahead:

Method 1:

  1. Install BlueStacks 3 on your PC.
  2. Now go to “My apps” and click “System app” folder from there.
  3. Now Open “Google Play” from here. It’s the same Google Play Store as you use on your Android devices.
  4. Now search “SLOWLY” on Play Store.
  5. Open it and click “install”.
  6. Once installed, open it from “My Apps” portions on your BlueStacks 3.
  7. That’s how you can download SLOWLY for PC on BlueStacks 3 with official method.

Method 2:

  1. Install BlueStacks 3 on your PC.
  2. Now download SLOWLY APK from any sources. Or use other markets to download its APK on your PC.
  3. Now on BlueStacks 3, go to “My Apps” portion in the home tab.
  4. Click “Install Apk” button that is given at the right bottom corner of BlueStacks 3.
  5. Open that downloaded SLOWLY APK from here.
  6. It will install this app on your PC.
  7. Open this app from “My Apps” when installed.
  8. Now you can enjoy this app on your PC with ease.

SLOWLY: Google Play Store

This how you can download and install this app on PC & Mac. Want to try another Android emulator? Go check Nox App Player as well. If you like this post, please leave a comment below. Feel to ask any question if you find any problem downloading this app for PC.